Dealing Type 1 Diabetes at your Work

Handling type 1 diabetes (T1D) in your workplace might be very challenging and tricky but you can manage it effectively by making few changes in your habits. Below are the few points which can help you to deal with T1D in the workplace.

Be Open about T1D

It is very important for you and your disease to be open about it. Please mention it to you employer that you are having T1D the moment you know about it. Then you can follow your instinct on how to describe about it. Let your Manager and HR know about your T1D. By not mentioning that you have T1D can put you in high risk. Let your colleagues also know about it, so in case of emergency they can help you. Also, let them know if they need to call an ambulance and in what scenarios. You can also educate them by making them informed T1D disease.
If you need to leave early due to fluctuating sugars, making them aware will help in planning. Try not to scare them but make it important.

Always give it prime importance

By now you are aware that the diabetes is just another part of your journey and it is very important to remember that not giving it importance can be very dangerous in case of emergency like the case of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. By making your associates and employer aware of what can happen in case of severe hypoglycemia, you are actually protecting yourself. So, give it utmost importance! And as I mentioned before, keep it soft but make it a serious conversation. Please be aware that making people around you aware of your T1D is crucial in case of an emergency.

Always Be Ready and Plan Ahead

Make you that you carry extra juice, some glucose tablets, or have some fruit snacks handy. Make you to carry it every day to your office. You should always keep in near your desk so that you can consume it readily in case of a low blood sugar. If you have refrigerator in office canteen, make sure that you label your insulin with your name and keep it there unopened. So that you can use it in case of sharp blood sugar fall. Do not let diabetes take away from something from you even for a moment. You don’t want to miss anything. Both high and low blood sugars have a major effect on how you are feeling. It has also major influence on you well you can concentrate and on your productivity. By following the above simple tips in your routine, you will be able to reap the benefits of safety and peace of mind.